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Cesar Marquez Bierzo Tinto Pico Ferreira 2019

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From the importer: One of the 4 Vinos de Parcela. This is only 300 meters away from Sufreiral, but it is on the opposite side of the mountain with opposite exposure. It is in the village of Corullon. The soils here are very rocky, primarily slate, and the roots do not penetrate well. The clusters are always smaller here and the wines always more robust.

We're always looking for the next region of pure, terroir-driven and affordable wines to emerge. As we've observed the quality and diversity of producers from Bierzo grow over the years, we can safely say that this Mencia-rich region in northwest Spain is on our short list. In the early 90’s Raúl Pérez began his quest to put Bierzo and its flagship red grape Mencia on the map by spearheading an effort to establish a Cru classification system. Today we are happy to offer examples of Mencias that follow Raúl’s efforts, made by his nephew César Márquez.

When looking out over the rolling hills of Bierzo it’s easy to see why this region lends itself to single parcel expression wines. The microclimates throughout this part of Castilla y Leon are dramatic, as are the variability of its soils. It’s not uncommon to be walking through a vineyard with full sun beating down and see an intense rainstorm drenching the opposite hillside. As for the soil, in a single vineyard, the border between quartzic granite and schist is as clear as the horizon line.

Raúl Pérez and Álvaro Palacios (of Priorat fame) were among the first to see this potential and began establishing a cru system for the notable vineyards surrounding the village of Valtuille. The idea caught on and, after much planning and organizing, an official Cru classification system was approved by the Spanish government in July of 2017. It’s in this dynamic time in Bierzo’s viticultural history that César Márquez grew up and became inspired.

César's Mencias are a window onto this complex terroir that is Bierzo through a filter of young mind that is both youthful and experimental, but also studied in tradition. César’s family founded the famous Castro Ventosa winery in Valtuille in 1752. With access to some of the most cherished Crus in Bierzo and with experience of working closely with his uncle at his facilities at La Vízcaina César debuted his wines on the world stage in 2015. To say they took the world by storm is a massive understatement.

Professional Reviews

Robert Parker

RP 94
"The single-vineyard bottling 2019 Pico Ferreira shows the new Vino de Paraje category that will be Vino de Viña Clasificada, the single-vineyard category that needs a track record of at least five years. From an ancient plot on slate soils at close to 700 meters in altitude in Corullón (Toral de los Vados), this is a wine that he has fine-tuned to remove the rusticity from previous years and excelled at it (especially in 2020!). He included the white grapes from the field blend, harvested a little earlier, with 30% full clusters and aging in 500- and 600-lite oak barrels." -Robert Parker


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    Earthy , Elegant , Minerally

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    Light Bodied

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