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Martin Texier La Boutanche Cinsault 2021 (1L)

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Juicy, fresh and all naturally made red from Cinsault. Martin is talented and exciting young winemaker.


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Martin Texier may be best known as the son of Eric Texier, one of the Northern Rhône’s greatest vignerons, but he’s a skilled winemaker in his own right, with a style distinctly his own.

Like many of us, Martin decided he needed to strike out on his own, pursuing an education in economics and a gap year in New York. In fact he spent much of that year in our NYC shop working as an intern (lucky us!). In the end, though, the world of natural wine called him back to France.

He purchased a few hectares near his father’s holdings, planted with traditional Rhône varieties, which he farms without chemicals. The harvest is done entirely by hand. There’s a focus on expressing the unique terroir of St.-Julien-en-St.-Alban—where the soil types include clay, limestone, gneiss, schist and granite—by employing only native yeasts, little or no sulfur and traditional techniques in the cellar.

It’s easy to compare Martin’s wines to those of his father’s, Eric. Texier père is the other major landowner in St-Julien-en-St-Alban, and his Brézème is a true classic-- and a perennial favorite. Martin’s wines are more unbuttoned in style, perhaps more approachable and a bit wilder. While it’s clear that his father provides great inspiration to the young vigneron, Martin’s talent and passion are uniquely Martin’s.


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  • Style

    Aromatic , Fruity , Juicy

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  • Body

    Light Bodied

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