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Domaine de Montille Bourgogne Blanc Clos du Chateau 2020

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One of the secrets of finding truly great Burgundy at not insane prices is to try top producers' entry-level wines. Domaine de Montille's Bourgogne Blanc "Clos du Chateau" is one of our favorite examples

Just getting to taste a superstar's more "humble" bottlings is always a treat. You get to see what de Montille's fanatical devotion to farming and incredible attention to detail in the winery do -- without having to wait years and years for the wine to come around.

But the Clos du Chateau has a second thing working for it: unbelievable terroir for a "mere" Bourgogne Blanc. See, the "Chateau" to which this "Clos" is attached is called the Chateau de Puligny Montrachet. Yes, this is a single-vineyard wine from within Puligny Montrachet made by Domaine de Montille.

It's certainly true that the wine isn't technically Puligny Montrachet (though inside the village, the Chateau is outside the appellation). But it is both literally and figuratively as close to Puligny as a Bourgogne Blanc can get: the concentration and structure, the exuberant fruit and sneakily complex finish -- this wine is a joy to drink and one of the greatest values in white Burgundy.


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The 17th Century Chateau named for this world-famous Chardonnay producing village has changed hands many times during its history. In 2001 the owners hired Etienne de Montille, son of famous Côte-de-Beaune wine maker Hubert Montille, to take over farming and production. He immediately instituted changes in the vineyards and cellar and began turning "good" wines in to great ones.

In 2012 Etienne and his sister Alix (a star winemaker too) purchased the property so it is now officially in the Montille Family of wines. It's a perfect marriage of an iconic estate to a renowned and highly pedigreed family domaine. Indeed the name "Montille" is itself an iconic brand in Burgundy now.

Why? What’s so great about the de Montille wines? Everything. Attention to every detail: in the farming, the winemaking, even the corks they use. They are biodynamic, which works particularly well in a clos with no neighbors to spray chemicals on nearby rows. They harvest by hand, age in a mix of woods, and manage to make all the tiny little choices that individually are hard to identify as so important but that, aggregated, are what make great wines great.


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