Virtual Wine Tastings
Connect virtually with friends, family, and colleagues

Step 1 | Get connected

Already have a something in mind or don't know where to start? A member of our team will support you each step of the way to bring your experience to life with personalized wine selections that fit your chosen theme and budget.

Step 2 | Delivered to your door

Our shipping team will make sure that your wine is delivered safely, soundly, and in plenty of time before the day of your event. (We can also personalize any order with gift-wrapping, hand-written cards, and tasting notes.)

Step 3 | Let's get digital

Get ready to enjoy! One of our experienced wine professionals will guide you through a fun and informative tasting bringing the best of our in-store experience into your home. Stay at home and toast from afar with friends, family, colleagues, virtually.

Let's get the party started! Leave us a note below.