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Stylized image of Arnot-Roberts Rose 2022

Arnot Roberts and Our Rose Secret

When the spring's first sip of rosé hits your lips, you want it to be many things: Balanced, but not boring. Interesting, but not so busy you have to think hard about it. Refreshing, but not bracing. And absolutely, unequivocally ready to go rather than in need of some age, which can be a tall order in the mid-March sea of just-landed pink wines still in shock from the bottling line.

Our secret is a great bottle of previous-vintage rosé. And today we have a winner: Arnot-Roberts' 2022 California Rosé. A blend of Touriga Nacional, Tinta Cão, Trincadeira, and Grenache, this berry-drenched, spicy and zesty rose has just the faintest touch of minerality when it's fresh off the truck, but that vein of extra shale and flint is so much more present after a year in the bottle, adding immensely to the wine's already irresistible appeal.

Arnot-Roberts is a customer favorite, and this Healdsburg mainstay turns out one of the prettiest roses in the shop every year — we have nothing against the coming-soon 2023 version. But there's something about a rosé that has really settled into itself. To us, this is the platonic ideal of a rosé. It's beautiful in your glass and deliciously juicy enough just to sip contentedly in the sun.

But get beneath the surface and it's a real wine: complex and savory enough to elevate fresh fish dishes or even pad thai; mineral and terroir-focused enough to be worth paying attention to; and made with the care of all of Arnot-Roberts' wines. Farmed organically and hand-harvested, then lightly foot-trodden and fermented with native yeasts in stainless steel, it's a gentle take on a blend of varieties known for their pizazz.

We love rosés that have the power to go the distance and let us reap the rewards of time. This great example can be your perfect "first rosé of the year" for less than $30.

Arnot-Roberts Rose 2022 - $24.99


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