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Stylized image of Tissot Wine Bottles

Tissot Cremant de Jura: Sparkling, Mineral-Driven Pleasure

Chez Tissot, the goal is to illustrate the region's unique terroir, and to that end, they vinify as many as 28 different cuvées, determined parcel by parcel according to the soil.
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Stylized image of Envinate Albahra

Envinate’s Albahra: A Gem from Spain’s Hottest Producer

Envínate's story sounds like something out of a movie — four friends meet at university and band together to create gorgeous wines, respecting the local grapes and traditions of their respective hometowns, in hugely varied corners of Spain. It sounds like a lark, but these four friends are making some of the most iconic wines of the New Spain movement.
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It's time! Black Friday at Flatiron -- Up to 20% off!!

It's time! Black Friday at Flatiron -- Up to 20% off!!

It's the biggest sale of the year at Flatiron Wines by a country mile, and we're doing it again!

No exceptions. No exclusions.

Every single bottle of wine online will be discounted, starting after the Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. 

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We created a space for adventurous drinkers to come together to learn more about wine through tasting.

Terroir + Tradition

We curate a selection of thousands of the world's very best artisanal wines and spirits, covering all price ranges and styles.

Search for your old favorites or discover something new by reading our blog and wine guides.  We have fine wines from France, traditional and artful bottles from Italy, grower and luxury brand Champagnes, stunning examples of natural farming and innovation from California, local and small batch spirits, and plenty of under $20 values. We believe that a journey through the world of wine is one of life’s great adventures, and we’re here to help!

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Flatiron Wines is for the curious. For adventurers and explorers. For anyone who loves wine or small batch spirits, and wants to learn and taste more.

Come by and visit our shops in New York or San Francisco, if you happen to be in town. Or just do your wine exploring on-line. We have the largest selection of artisanal wines anywhere, with thousands of every-day values, rare and hard-to-find gems, natural and organic wines, and small batch spirits. And we'll deliver them to your home.