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About Us

Flatiron Wines & Spirits, in San Francisco since 2016

Our New York wine store may have been the original Flatiron Wines & Spirits, but since we opened we have been just as committed to curating a unique and one-of-a-kind selection of wines! With a much bigger space, our California wine shop is thrilling labyrinth of wine shelves and regions. You can lose yourself, wandering from country to country, exploring the entire world of wine and spirits on foot.

And when you've found what you want  or when you just need a break  you can head to our tasting room for a glass of something new, or maybe an old favorite. And don't miss our rare wine room, with six eurocaves chock full of treasures (mature vintages, impossible-to-find gems and bottles that will inspire and impress)  maintained at perfect temperature. Our dedicated spirits room has small batch bourbons, mezcals and far more.


How we got here


We love the personal and friendly service of the best boutiques and neighborhood shops. The ability to curate and focus on wines that mean a lot to us. But we also appreciate the great pricing and broad selection of the best large stores.

So when we opened Flatiron in NYC we tried to offer the best of both worlds, combining a large selection at fair prices with warm and welcoming service, all the while, never losing our focus on the small artisanal producers who can be pretty hard to find no matter where you do your shopping.

See, we believe passionately that the best wines and spirits aren't just worth drinking and sharing, they're also fun to learn about and understand. Knowing the stories of the farmers and artisans behind the wines and spirits we drink enriches the experience. Learning about their efforts to defend traditions as well as to push the envelope, to protect their land, their environment, their families and their traditions, helps us to connect with the wine and spirits we love--but also with the foods and festivities and cultures they come from and complement.

The wine press took notice right away. We've been written up in the Wine Spectator, the New York Times, Wine Enthusiast (where we were nominated retailer of the year), Food & Wine Magazine (named top new wine destination in the U.S.), and lots of other great places.

A few of us were moving back to San Francisco to be closer to family (and to raise our own). We decided to take advantage and open a San Francisco Flatiron Wines, one that would be closer to all the California growers we love so much. One that could be part of the incredible Bay Area food and drink scene. One that could become, we hoped, a part of this amazing community.

Our vision has been incredibly warmly received by our neighbors and by the broader community, and for that we are unspeakably grateful. 

What we're up to now

Our passions haven't changed, though they may have deepened and broadened a bit.

And today we share those passions on our blog and, if you happen to be near San Francisco, in education wine classes, producer wine and spirits seminars, and regular in-store tastings. But mostly, we love exploring the highways and byways of the wine world in our our weekly newsletter, which New York Magazine called "Indispensable." Indispensable and free: How can you beat that? You can sign up at the bottom of this page or by clicking HERE


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