Baudry's "Les Granges" 2019

Baudry's "Les Granges" 2019

Domaine Baudry is arguably Chinon’s best producer, and their top wine, La Croix Boissée, is one of the great masterpieces of Cabernet Franc.

It’s a vin-de-garde, however – one that requires a decade at least for broaching. That’s why astute “franc”ophiles in need of something less profound, less costly, but no less delicious love Baudry’s entry-level red, “Les Granges”.

Verdantly tangy, immediate and versatile, “Granges” is sort of chillable, go-to red that cuts through warm weather and roast chicken with equal judiciousness. It’s sourced from lower-lying, sandy plots, which gives it a lighter structure and fruit-forward tilt.

Easy-breezy though it may be, there’s a pedigree to the wine – a sense of linear motion – that you’d expect from a great producer like Baudry. Part of that articulation comes from the élévage: 9 months in cement, followed by a year in cuves (large, neutral wood). Like all wines from this domaine, farming and winemaking follow organic guidelines.

Long-time readers will notice this is not the first time we’ve written about this wine. It’s classic, and one we drink perennially.

It pairs with just about anything, and works well on its own. ‘Grange’ is also one of the first ‘19 Loire reds we’ve tried, and its ripping acidity and vibrant fruitiness paint a promising portrait of the vintage.

Bernard Baudry, Chinon Les Granges, 2019
Tart raspberry, with traces of mint, tar and other herbs.