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Boudignon's Perfect Rosé de Loire is Back, and Better Than Ever

Boudignon's Perfect Rosé de Loire is Back, and Better Than Ever

Few rosés cause the kind of excitement brought on by Thibaud Boudignon's Rosé de Loire.

Boudignon works almost exclusively with Chenin Blanc, and his wines from Savennières and Anjou are among the best in the world. The one exception to his Chenin Blanc supremacy is this perfect pink wine, made from mostly Cabernet Franc and a splash of Grolleau.

Like all of Boudignon’s wines, this is made in the vineyard. Thibaud has farmed organically since the beginning; he's a vigneron in the truest sense, and continues to work extensively in the vineyard himself.

The wine is bright and fresh, with juicy fruit flavors, tempting salinity, and delicate floral notes. It's light in body and in hue (thanks to a short maceration), but it's sneakily complex and deeply mineral.

That’s because he treats his 40ish-year-old Cabernet Franc vines like his best Chenin, except that he blocks malo to preserve freshness. They grow in soils of schist, volcanic rhyolite, and clay, and aren't harvested until they're perfectly ripe (though Thibaud says he prefers "98% ripe to 102%", erring on the side of under-ripeness). A native yeast fermentation and stainless steel aging make for explosive terroir expression and fruit purity. The addition of 10% Grolleau adds body, color, and flavors of berry.

This gorgeous rosé usually sells out quite early in the season. So, in order to satisfy you (and stock our own fridges), we've secured a large number of bottles — enough to offer with nice discounting. Buy a bottle to drink soon, but don't forget about how beautifully rosé pairs with late summer and even autumn's bounty. For now at least, there's plenty to go around!

Thibaud Boudignon Rose de Loire 2023 - $27.99


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