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Broc Cellars Makes you Rethink Cabernet

Broc Cellars Makes you Rethink Cabernet

When you think of California Cabernet, probably many things come to mind. Rich. Oaky. Expensive. Today’s wine will make you rethink the category.

When you think of wine, in general, you probably don’t think of places like Omaha, Nebraska, or Berkeley, California. Well, Chris Brocway is an Omaha native, and for over 20 years now, he’s been making wine in a small warehouse in Berkeley.

Broc Cellars is a natural winery: they use organic grapes, and they ferment naturally. Like many of today’s naturalists, Chris loves to play with obscure grape varieties from far-flung places (e.g., Negro Amaro). But he also pays homage to the grapes that put California on the international map, like his first wine, a Zinfandel, and today’s Cabernet.

But as we were saying, this is not your typical steakhouse Cabernet. Massa is a high elevation vineyard known in part for its Chenin Blanc. It produces a wispy, blue-fruited Cabernet that is pure-fruited and sprightly. It is aged in oak barrels, but all are neutral, helping the wine to develop but not show woody flavors.

Broc Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Massa 2022 - $29.99


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