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Stylized image of Envinate Albahra

Envinate’s Albahra: A Gem from Spain’s Hottest Producer

Envínate's story sounds like something out of a movie — four friends meet at university and band together to create gorgeous wines, respecting the local grapes and traditions of their respective hometowns, in hugely varied corners of Spain. It sounds like a lark, but these four friends are making some of the most iconic wines of the New Spain movement.

With an aim to craft distinctive, pure wines that loudly express their terruño, or terroir, Envínate finds inspiration in the past. They've taken up work at long-abandoned vineyards, where old vines of obscure varieties flourish, and every last grape is hand-picked and foot-trodden.

These four friends know that unmitigated growth undoubtedly leads to lower standards and poorer quality. Many (if not most) of their wines are produced in such minuscule quantities that they require strict allocations In other words? The wines are hot, and they're not cooling down any time soon!

We are fortunate to have good quantity on their two most affordable, most crushable red cuvées, to offer you today. Both are named for Albahra, the high-altitude vineyard in Galicia from which they are sourced. The regular Albahra we’ve seen before: it’s a savory, spicy, silky blend of Garnacha Tintorera — known elsewhere as Alicante Bouschet, and unique in the fact that the pulp as well as the skin is deeply colored (most red grapes have pale flesh inside those inky skins) — and Moravia Agria, a rare grape with high acidity and low alcohol. The “Chingao” version of the wine is straight Garnacha Tintorera, and it has a little more punch as a result!

Yes, these would be great to quaff with turkey, but also just about anything else or even on its own. Just “envínate”, or "wine yourself" (as that means in Spanish) with a bottle or two:

Envinate Albahra Tinto 2022 $28.99

Envinate Albahra Tinto Chingao 2022 $32.99


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