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Foillard: From Aha! To Plain Delicious

For many of us, a bottle of Jean Foillad Morgon Côte du Py was one of the first “aha” wines: a wine so transportive and delicious that it stops you in your tracks and forces you to examine your life priorities. It’s the kind of wine that gets people into the wine business itself.

The story has been told in these pages before. Foillard is a member of the group of growers that Kermit Lynch dubbed the “gang of four”. Along with Marcel Lapierre, Jean Thevenet and Guy Breton, these students of natural wine pioneer Jules Chauvet went on to revolutionize the wine world and helped to spread the gospel of natural wine from vigneron, to restaurateur, to wine merchant, to wine lovers throughout the world.

Today, we are so excited to offer a trio of new releases from the 2022 vintage. This is a vintage we are loving. It does not quite have the delicacy and freshness of the 2021, but it makes up for it with density. The wines are fuller bodied, but still manage to strongly convey a sense of place. Warm temperatures seemed to energize the wines, rather than make them overripe or flat. The granite-rich soils, 90+ year old vines and Foillard's meticulous organic farming come through in spades.

We have several cases of the “aha” wine – the Cote du Py – but we also have Corcelette, which is from vines grown in sandier soils and tends to be more open and expressive earlier in its life. We are also pleased to be able to offer a little Fleurie – a wine that is so strictly allocated that it is rare that we can talk about it in this blog.

Whether you need that “aha” moment or you just want to drink delicious wines, these are for you:

Jean Foillard Morgon Cote du Py 2022 - $54.99

Jean Foillard Morgon Corcelette 2022 - $54.99

Jean Foillard Fleurie 2022 - $67.99


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