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Stylized image of Jamet Cote Rotie

Jean-Luc Jamet: Northern Rhones with Bottle Age

Jamet is a giant of a name in Cote Rotie. It’s one of a tiny handful of domaines that have been bottling wines consistently since the 1970s, sticking for the most part to a traditionalist regime.

But in 2013 a big change occurred. The two Jamet brothers who ran the domaine split up. Jean-Luc Jamet, who managed the vineyards, left with half of the family holdings to start making wine under his own name.

A bit sad, maybe, but there's an upside. We've always loved the domaine's simple VdP Syrah, made from vines planted in schist soils much like you'd see in the AOC's north, but lying just outside of it. We’d get a tiny allocation, maybe a case, and would end up drinking half ourselves. The other half sold quietly off the shelf to in-the-know folks who were very pleased to stumble across a bottle.

Well, Jean-Luc got the lion’s share of those great VdP vines. And we were just recently able to snag several cases of it, now aged to the ripe age of 10 years old! The wine is drinking beautifully now.

Jean-Luc, of course, also got plenty of vines in Cote Rotie as well. Once again, we were able to snag some of it with bottle age – from the superb 2015 vintage!

These are not wines that you can generally find in the marketplace, especially with bottle age like this. This is a one-shot deal so please be sure to grab some bottles.

Jean-Luc Jamet Collines Rhodaniennes Valine 2014 - $34.99

Jean-Luc Jamet Cote-Rotie Terrasses 2015 - $89.99


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