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Jenny Lefourt's Darling, Gaspard

Jenny Lefourt's Darling, Gaspard

 Gaspard is the brainchild of natural wine pioneering importer and advocate Jenny Lefcourt (of Jenny & Francois). They source the grapes from the Loire Valley, where they have entrusted a young talented winemaker with the task of making wines that are true and transparent representations of their terroir.

The labels are created by a talented Swedish artist based in Paris, Madlen Herrstrom, who also contributed to coming up with the name “Gaspard”. The wines are delicious and reasonably priced; a true testament to Jenny’s devotion to organic farming and natural winemaking.

We’ve been trying to get the wines in the shop for the last few years but are always too slow on the draw as they sell out as soon as the container clears customs.

That is a testament to how good these wines are.

House labels always provide some value but the Gaspards overdeliver like no other.

The wines are truly representative and are a treat for lovers of Loire Valley wines. But like the best natural wines there is a nervy, vibrant energy that makes them a joy to drink.

While we would love to feature all of their wines we were only able to grab a couple of them. Luckily they are the two best wines they make. The Gaspard Pinot Noir is made using partial carbonic fermentation in stainless steel which helps enliven Pinot bright fruit. Medium bodied with flavors and aroma of violets, black cherry and earth. There are subtle tannins through the crisp and refreshing finish. Loire Valley Pinot Noir is rarely this fun and exciting!

We also received a few cases of their most popular wine which of course is made from Gamay. Carbonically macerated like many of the best Beaujolais, this displays intensely fresh notes of herbs and cherry with a dark mineral undercurrent and crisp acidity. Light bodied and juicy this is hard to put down and is the perfect backyard party wine. Chilled down a bit, this will pair with anything from light veggie fare to a juicy cheeseburger. 

We are very excited to finally have these wines in the shop. They are not as rare as many of the wines we feature but because of high demand they are equally scarce. We only got a few cases of each and at these prices, and the fact that they are staff favorites, they won't stick around for long.

Gaspard, Loire Valley Gamay, 2019

Gaspard, Loire Valley Pinot Noir, 2019