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Les Horées: The Inaugural Vintage of Burgundies Next Superstar

Les Horées: The Inaugural Vintage of Burgundies Next Superstar

Catharina Sadde was not originally planning to become a winemaker. She was studying gastronomy while working in restaurants in her native Dresden, Germany when she got bit by the wine bug. She did an internship with Schafer-Frohlich and then Domaine Chevrot in Burgundy, where she decided this was the region she really wanted to focus on.

After completing her degree in viticulture she returned to Burgundy and proceeded to put together a resumé that would make any aspiring winemaker green with envy. She worked at Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Drouhin, de Vogüé and Marquis D’Angerville. All of these domains were pioneers in biodynamic farming and Catharina was convinced that this was how she wanted to work.

Her most recent gig was working alongside Cecile Trembley, another extraordinary talent, and while doing so she was offered a small parcel of vines. This offer was followed by a few more and once they had acquired about 1.3, she and her husband Guilhelm made the leap and started their own winery.

As mentioned, Catharina is a fanatic for natural, biodynamic farming. They do everything in the vineyard by hand, and for now by themselves too. They settled on the name “Les Horées” because it refers to ancient Greek celebrations during the changing of seasons. Everything Catharina and Guilhelm due is focused on nature.

In the cellar they only partially de-stemmed their 2019 Gamay and Pinot, fermentations are natural and they use gentle pump overs combined with old fashioned foot pigeage. Catharina is very, very judicious with sulphur, adding only tiny amounts after malos are complete. The idea is to make wines that are as natural as possible while also being crystal clean and showcasing the special vagaries of terroir that were the reason she fell in love with Burgundy in the first place.

Her first vintage was a doozy: 2019 had all kinds of challenges but in the end it proved to be a fantastic, though very small, crop. We think Catharina nailed it, producing exactly the types of wines she aspired to make and we are super excited to follow her and her husband on their journey. All of these wines are extremely limited, so pricing is net, but they are eligible to combine for our 12 bottle case discount.

Les Horées, Bourgogne Aligoté “En Coulezin”, 2019

Les Horées, Bourgogne Passetoutsgrains “Mon Poulain”, 2019

Les Horées, Bourgogne Rouge “Le Vieux Sage”, 2019

Les Horées, Beaune Rouge “Les Prévolles”, 2019

Les Horées, Gevrey-Chambertin “En Renard”, 2019

Les Horées, Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru “Les Fichots”, 2019