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Orange Wine 101: Western Wonders

Orange Wine 101: Western Wonders


If you read our first post in this series, you probably can tell we're big fans of the stuff. If you haven't had a chance to read that blog yet, hop on over! It will give you all the background you need on these culty wines. 

So, we carry a rather large selection of Orange wines. I've decided to split this offer up into two parts. This second part focuses on wines from Western Europe, the US and Australia.

These wines show the spectrum of styles from light and fresh wine that are barely orange since they only spend a few hours or days on their skins and thus never take on a truly orange hue.

Some are a rich Amber with savory and tannic qualities that are reminiscent of red wine while being wholly unique in their expression. All are as terroir-driven as anything out there and while these ancient techniques may be a new arrival to some of these places, they are all truly wines of place.

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