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Rosé Season Premier: Terra Nostra is Here!

Rosé Season Premier: Terra Nostra is Here!

Folks, the rosé season is here. We’ve had beautiful weather of late and the best news is that life is slowly starting to feel a bit more, dare we say it, relaxed? It’s the perfect time to chill down something light, refreshing and pink and enjoy it outdoors with your friends and family.

We have just the wine for you today. It’s from Corsica which automatically puts it in to what we like to call “summer water”, that is the type of rosé that is so refreshing and crisp that it can quench the most serious thirst. It just so happens that the rugged, mountainous island of Corsica produces some of our favorite versions of these types of porch pounder pinks. It makes sense though, as during the summer the beaches, parks and nature preserves of “Corse” cry out for just such a wine.

Is there a catch? Often the catch is that these wines tend to be priced a bit higher than other competing versions of delicious “summer water”, and although we think their perfect balance and drinkability is worth it, we’re still constantly on the lookout for something that offers unbelievable value. And we think we found it with the Terra Nostra Vin de Corse on offer today.

The Terra Nostra is 100% Sciaccarellu, or the Corsican version of Sangiovese, and comes from a selection of different vineyards that generally are planted to the volcanic schist that is typical in Corsica. The wine is fermented and aged entirely in stainless steel bottled with just a light filtration. It’s made by a small cooperative of growers on the island, and this is likely the source of its tremendous value.

We have decent quantity now, but the special sale pricing is good for one week only and we think you’ll want to stock up while you can so you can crush this rosé all spring and summer long!

Terra Nostra, AOP Corse Rosé, 2019