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Life's a Beach: Set E Mez Beach Lambrusco

Life's a Beach: Set E Mez Beach Lambrusco

Mirco Mariotti’s vineyards are located in the eastern ‘Romagna’ part of Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy. 

Romagna is also home to Lambrusco, real balsamic vinegar, and so many gastronomic delights.

It’s a laid back beach area with lots of local color. Locals eat grilled flatbread sandwiches called piadina romagnola, and drink sweating bottles of frizzante vino made from local grapes while playing cards on the beach.

In fact, most of Mariotti’s wines are named after local card games!

Instead of tank-fermented wines, Mariotti makes old-school bottle-fermented vino (aka Petillant Natural) with the native grape Trebbiano Romagnolo, for the whites and the rare red grape, Fortana, for rosé.

These wines hail from some of the most unique terroir out there. More importantly, this singularity shines through in every bottle.

The wines are grown on the beach 300 meters from the Adriatic Sea where many of the vines are over 100 years old. The vineyard looks as gnarly and raw as you would expect from any living thing residing so close to the sea. It's weathered by salty shore winds. 

As traditional as anything his neighbors produce, Mariotti’s wines are lifted and less rustic.

They are highly drinkable, full of charm, and made without pretense or ego.

This uncommon and unique pet nat rosé is made from Fortana, a rare red grape indigenous to Emilia-Romagna. It's a high acid and savoury varietal that has some vermouth-like spice and amaro-like bitterness. Needless to say, it packs wines with flavor and leads to brilliant rosés. 

Mirco Mariotti, Sèt e Mèz Pet-Nat Rosato, NV

Bright and fruit-forward with a playful nose of wild strawberry, raspberries, watermelon rind and tangy red plum. The palate is fresh with a rustic herbal lift and a sultry mouthfeel with its saline-tinged  fizz. The Set e Mez is a true farmer fizz; approachable, dangerously quaffable and full of quirky character, bound to spark interesting conversations.