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Stylized image of Trediberri Barolo

Trediberri: 2020 Barolo

We are thrilled to have just received just the fifth vintage of Trediberri's Barolos imported to the United States, and they are from the second in what is looking like a trio – at least – of great vintages!

Trediberri, founded only in 2007, is one of the newest producers in the entire Barolo DOC. Yet the wines taste so utterly classical and traditional that you would never guess. The wines feel like they've been around for generations.

The explanation is Nicolas Oberto's father, Federico, who worked for Renato Ratti from 1970 until 2005 before launching Trediberri with his son. Renato Ratti was one of the great historical figures of Piedmont wine, a true repository of Barolo wisdom and tradition. Ratti was Federico's mentor up until Ratti's untimely death in 1988. When you taste Trediberri's wines, you sense that somehow that generations-old wisdom made it into the bottle that you are drinking.

You can also taste the terroir. Trediberri specializes in La Morra, the village known for producing Barolo's most elegant and aromatic wines. Indeed, Federico likes to compare his wines to Chambolle Musigny, and you get it right away from your first pour: a burst of that magic red fruit/floral combination wafting upwards from the glass. Then you drink the wine and you encounter the crunch of serious Barolo: nervy wild fruit, a touch of licorice, a long mineral finish.

As much as we loved last year’s 2019s, we give a slight edge to the 2020s. There’s just a bit more energy and freshness in the wines. We are putting a 3 bottle limit on this one, and we recommend taking your three bottles right away:

Trediberri Barolo Berri 2020 - $64.99


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