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Von Winning: Humble Wines from the Head-Turning Master of the Pfalz

Von Winning: Humble Wines from the Head-Turning Master of the Pfalz

Certain producers manage to completely alter your conception of a wine region, while still remaining true to their local traditions and terroirs. An example that comes to mind is Gravner. Indeed, these producers are almost always great, and often end up becoming the reference-point producer of the region.

This is the story of Von Winning. Their dry Rieslings from the Pfalz have made most of us rethink German wine, and all of us rethink the wines of the Pfalz. No, they have proven, that great German wine does not have to be a little sweet and from the Mosel. Yes, dry German wine can be made in a reductive style that would be recognizable to someone like Roulot.

Like many top German producers (and white Burgundy producers for that matter), Von Winning produces many single vineyard wines. These represent the top echelon of their offerings. But Von Winning can also thrill with village-like blends. They bring the same style, the same harmony, and the same balance to these more humble wines, and they are so much more accessible – both because they are cheaper, and because they are so giving without any cellaring required.

Today we are pleased to offer their “Forster”. Despite the low price, this is actually a single vineyard, with Riesling all coming from a site known as Hergottsacker.

We don’t think you’ll find a better dry Riesling for the money:

Von Winning Forster Riesling Trocken 2020 - $29.99
The Forster Riesling comes from the great Forster sites and mostly ferments in the wood. It is classy, ​​spicy and salty, with juicy, ripe citrus aromas and lush exoticism. A special local wine.


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