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What Ryme's with Wine?

What Ryme's with Wine?

The husband and wife team that is Ryme Cellars, Ryan and Megan Glaab, make some of the freshest, most delicious and fascinating off-the-beaten path wines in California!

It all started in 2007 with a ton of Aglianico. Megan and Ryan met while working in the cellars at Torbreck in Australia. The lovebirds moved back to the state and in combination proceeded to work for some of California's most respected estates. With years of experience at Pax Wine Cellars, Peay Vineyards, Sine Qua Non, and Marcassin, they took that ton of Aglianico and ran. When they tasted their first wine they were blown away by its intensity and complexity.

The Glaab’s source their grapes from all over California. All come from meticulously farmed, sustainable vineyards, many old vine and dry farmed. All are owned and tended to by folks that Megan and Ryan have strong personal connections with. Exemplary of this is the Fox Hill Vineyard of Mendocino. Owned and operated by Sam Bilbro, proprietor of Idlewild (another favorite around here) this beautiful fog-shrouded vineyard is responsible for some of the best wines made from Italian varieties this side of the Prime Meridian. 

In the cellar Megan and Ryan keep everything simple and decidedly old school. Gently fermented with wild yeast the Glaab’s are looking for the most nuanced expression possible form the grape they work with. In service to that the  wines are aged in neutral oak, stainless or concrete. The resulting bottles are imbued with fresh fruit flavors, intense and complex aromatics and somehow maitane their vibrancy whlke manging to be extreeley piosed and even elegant. 

Ryme Cellars is a perfect encapsulation of what truly creative and talented winemakers can do in California. This state is strewn with lesser known varieties, planted in some of the most ideal spots anywhere in the world. With so much to work with, Cali winemakers tend to try and pack it all on. With their talent, experience and clear-eyed focus, the Glaab’s are quietly producing stunning wines that truly represent the complexity, elegance and sunny disposition of this Golden State.

Ryme Cellars, Vermentino "Hers" Las Brisas Vineyard, Carneros 2019   

Megan and Ryan agree on most things wine 99% of the time but the one spot they disagree on is the style of vermentino each prefers. So they make two. Megan’s is harvested with energy and freshness in mind. Earthy minerality adds to the core of citrus with gingery spice, pineapple rind, chamomile, and salty sea spray. The palate is zippy and crunchy but rounds out with texture and depth. A taste of summer on the Italian coast.

Ryme Cellars, Skin Ferment Vermentino "His”, Las Brisas Vineyard, Carneros 2019

A very different beast than the “Hers”, these grapes are picked a little later with complexity in mind. Whole cluster pressed the juice spends two weeks on its skin lending it a light amber color. There's alot going on here with aromas of dried citrus peel, almonds, ripe pear, and spice Dry, with flavors as on the nose and a floral note that hits the back of the throat. There’s a touch of astringency that we love!. The long finish evokes dried fruit, chai tea, and a slightly earthy minerality. Familiar, yet not this win is hard to put down.

Ryme Cellars, Sangiovese/Friulano Blend, Fox Hill Vineyard, Mendocino 2019

A blend of red and white this is amongst the most fun wines you will find anywhere. Although made for chilling down and drinking without a lot of contemplation this wine has plenty of complexity to keep the mind intrigued. The grapes come from adjoining blocks. They’re picked together on the same day, fermented in whole clusters, and go through carbonic maceration. The 2018 has strong cherry notes, citrus and faint herbaceousness  with a touch of lanolin, framed by great acid and tannin. 

Ryme Cellars, Russian River Valley Cabernet Franc Alegria Vineyard, 2017 

The 2017 Cabernet Franc is full of balsam aromas of clove, cedar and dusty cocoa on top of a lavender and cherry base. As 2017 was a bit of a riper, warmer vintage, the Cabernet franc is filled with sap and texture while finishing with lots of drive and energy.