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Fanny Fougerat Laurier d'Apollon Vintage 2010 Petite Champagne Cognac


This item is not eligbile for our 10% case discount on mixed cases or any other promotional discounts but we took special care to price it competitively compared with other top retailers nationwide.

A powerfully flavorful cognac from this awesome house that has transitioned from selling their Eau-de-vie to the big houses to releasing amazing, tiny production brandies themselves. This Cognac shows how elegant young Ugni Black can be. No caramel coloring and no chill filtration.

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Fanny Fougerat is the 4th generation of her family of winemaker/distillers in Cognac. Her family usually sold Eau de Vie to the big Cognac houses, only storing a small fraction for their own family brand. In 2013 she decided to break from that way of life and fully devote all their resources to their own label of brandies. Today they offer us a look at a different side of Cognac, one that communicates a sense of place by using single estate fruit and gives us a sense of Cognac used to be.

Fougerat’s single estate Cognacs come from 50 hectares in Fins Bois and Borderies. Fanny and her husband farm and vinify all their Ugni Blanc and distill every drop of Eau de Vie they produce. Their goal is to reveal the terroirs and the provenance of their spirits. Their estate has many unique microclimates and complex geologies that are reflected in their fruit and each of their resulting Cognacs reflect that. Her expressions are embodied in 4 distinct bottlings: Petite Cigue, Iris Poivre, Laurier d’Apollon and Cèdre Blanc. Each name is meant to reflect their own style.


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