Domaine des Terres Dorees

From the inauguration of his estate to the present, Jean Paul Brun has had one focus: to craft classical Beaujolais, serious yet deeply pleasurable, from his old-vine holdings.

He isn’t interested in keeping up with the Joneses. He’s not looking to his neighbors to see what the latest trends are. And he’s certainly not interested in the various manipulants sold in agricultural catalogs.

He favors Burgundian vinification, rather than the carbonic maceration so popular today. In his opinion, Beaujolais' remarkable terroir comes through best this way. Carbonic macerations fresh fruit profile anonymizes the true and special character. His methods may take more time, but the results are undeniable.

He ferments with indigenous yeast (how do you capture your corner of the wine world if you rely on a lab-grown yeast strain that tastes like bubblegum or banana?) and ages his wines in a combination of old oak and concrete. Each grape is hand-picked at the height of ripeness, and just a touch of sulfur is added at bottling.