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Barrell Craft Spirits Flatiron Wines and Spirits Single Barrel Bourbon 14 Year 103.12 Proof

by Barrell

This item is not eligbile for our 10% case discount on mixed cases or any other promotional discounts but we took special care to price it competitively compared with other top retailers nationwide.

This pick took a lot of time and deliberation, but the outcome was spectacular, and the value is stunning. The bourbon shows soft aromas of sweet yellow corn, pecan pie, the smell of Kentucky in the summertime, with notes of orange peel, butterscotch, pine, five spice and candied walnuts.

  • Pick up in-store today at 2 New Montgomery St.
  • Ships in California only.


If you don't know Barrell, you should. They're a tiny company—with just 9 employees—that's become a cult hit with spirits connoisseurs. They source spirits from 60+ distilleries to make their proprietary blends. Collectors chase these one of a kind, limited-run, numbered bottlings down. They're often sold out within days or weeks of their release.

They also get all kinds of awards. Perhaps the biggest accolade came recently when Barrell beat William LaRue Weller to win Forbes' Best American Whiskey, judged by the renowned Fred Minnick. This was a totally unprecedented upset.


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