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Stylized image of Johannishof Riesling Kabinett Feinherb 2016

Aged Riesling from the Rheingau

As much as we all love the great wines of Germany’s Mosel, it is always a pleasure to travel further afield to sample the great examples of Riesling that you can find in Germany’s other wine regions. One of the top destinations that you will come across after you leave the Mosel behind is the Rheingau: a small region – only a 10th the size of the Pfalz or Reinhessen – but undoubtedly one of the very best.

The Riesling here tends to be a little stronger than Mosel Riesling. It’s smokier, and the fruit veers less towards Mosel peach and more towards lime and apple. The producers tend to work in a drier style.

Johannis Eser is now the 10th generation in his family to make wine at his estate, Johannishof. He summarizes his style with just three words: “Mineral”, “Long lasting” and “Riesling”. Today, we have found a wine that perfectly epitomizes all three concepts. It is a Riesling. It has lasted a long time – it’s already 8 years old. And it is very mineral.

The wine is Johannis’ Feinherb from the 2016 vintage. Feinherb is an essentially dry style where a touch of residual sugar is allowed to remain in the wine to offer balance to razor-sharp acidities. It is beautifully representative not only of the Johannis philosophy but also the Rheingau region. And it is a truly excellent value:

Johannishof Riesling Kabinett Feinherb 2016 - $19.99


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