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Domaine de Marquiliani Risen from Ashes

Domaine de Marquiliani Risen from Ashes

When Andre Almaric purchased the Domaine de Marquiliani estate in 1954 he had his work cut out for him. Twenty years earlier the estate was mostly destroyed in a series of fires and it had been abandoned and in a state of disrepair ever since. In the ruins, he saw an opportunity to carve out a life and legacy for himself.

As an agricultural engineer he had the skills and experience needed to take on the project. Over time and with a lot of hard work he reorganized the plots, replanted the vineyards and rehabilitated the structures. With an appreciation of what his degree allowed him to accomplish, he passed on his value for formal education to his descendants. Andre’s son, Daniel, is also trained in agricultural engineering and Daniel’s daughter, Anne, is trained as an agricultural chemist. They all used the skills they learned to tailor their winemaking process to best fit their terroir and be as sustainable as possible.

The winemaking philosophy that they’ve arrived at is all about refining traditional processes to be in sync with their surrounding environment and respectful of the greater environment. This involves cultivating olives and almonds to increase diversity, welcoming local shepherds to graze their sheep which naturally weeds and fertilizes the land, and working with local craftsmen, laborers, and enologists.

Looking at pictures of the estate and the surrounding area, it’s clear that their commitment to environmentalism is at least partially driven by their desire to preserve the beautiful landscape.

Their island, Corsica, is situated just off the coast of Tuscany. In the surrounding countryside there are gorgeous sandy beaches, roman ruins, and beautiful mountain vistas. The estate itself is settled at the foothills of a mountain and just a few miles from the sea.

Cooling winds from the mountains work with the sea to keep temperatures moderate which allows for gradual, even ripening. The rocky granite soil that’s been washed down from the mountains imparts a delicious minerality that comes through in all of their wines. The rosé’s that they make are incredibly fresh with delicate flavors of clementines, peaches, and honeysuckle that linger on the palate.

Domaine de Marquiliani Le Rose de Pauline 2022 $31.99
An exotic blend of Syrah and Sciaccarellu with a perfumed splash of Vermentinu. Feather-light on the palate with delicate aromatics, it is ethereal, salty, mouthwatering Corsican pleasure.

Domaine de Marquiliani Rose Gris de Marquiliani 2022 $31.99 
Mostly Sciaccarellu with a touch of Syrah. Delicate on the nose and palate, showing hints of minerality, red berry, and fresh wildflowers.


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