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A wine's name isn't everything? But, what is the deal with "Rossonoah"?

Is it just an Italian style wine from a guy in Mendocino named Noah? Nope.

It is the real deal. Italian wine from a Piemonte couple. Andrea Mosca and Giovanna Pepe Diaz started making wine just a few years ago after Andrea quit his day job as an architect.

They named the new winery after their son, Francesco Noah. So, Rossonoah is...Noah's Rosso.

The winery is in the Alto-Piemonte and they are recent editions to the wonderful Rosenthal portfolio that started here (with Luigi Ferrando) 40 years ago. NOAH makes a range of wines from Costa della Sesia, Lessona and Bramaterra, but their ROSSONOAH is a stand out for being deliciously drinkable yet full of classic, Alto Piemonte character and charm.

The wine is a blend that was created to begin using some of the younger Nebbiolo vines that Andrea and Giovanna have.

It is about 50% Nebbiolo, 40% old vines Croatina and 10% Vespolina. This type of blend is very traditional in the Costa della Sesia, with the Croatina and Vespolina helping to soften the Nebbiolo and make it drink well young.

ROSSONOAH is fermented in steel tanks and then aged for 1 year in old Slavonian oak, to preserve freshness and fruit but also add a bit more complexity.

The result is a bright, juicy wine that is full of mountain herbs and savory minerals and has just the right amount of structure to enjoy with almost any food.

Pasta is of course no problem, tacos too and even Chinese take out. It’s the perfect house wine! (And, it goes without saying that now is the perfect time to have plenty of the perfect house wine. Stock up on this one!)

NOAH, ROSSONOAH Vino Rosso, 2017 $15.99