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Fresh and Natural Pet-Nat & Lambrusco

Fresh and Natural Pet-Nat & Lambrusco

Just outside Modena is where you will find Gian Paolo Isabella and his winery Podere il Saliceto. In other parts of the world he is more well known and a world class Muay Thai champion.

But in and around Modena he is admired for his wonderfully generous and kind personality as well as his beautiful and traditional Lambruschi. Ultimately what matters is what is in the bottle but drinking wine made by lovely folks you admire makes it that much better.

Modena is of course home to parmesan and balsamic vinegar as well as to the endemic varieties that are the key to great lambrusco.

These six varieties are grown almost nowhere outside of this corner of Italy (except for a tiny amount in Argentina) and Gian Paolo chooses to work almost exclusively with these varieties, save for a tiny plot of Sauvignon he crafts into the Pet-Nat below. Since 2005, with the help of his brother-in-law Marcellohe, he has been making fresh, light and bone dry sparklers from his organically grown vineyards.

Great care and attention is paid to the vines as he, like many of the greats, believe that the best wines are made in the field.

In contrast to his reputation as a formidably tough fighter Gian Paolo makes his wines as gently as possible. Only native yeast is used during primary fermentation as well as re-fermentation for bubbles which is done in bottles.

These are the polar opposite of the industrially made, dark red,  and very sweet wines that flood the US market and are most people's impression of this Emilia-Romagnian classic. In its home region the dry style is much more common.  

Podere il Saliceto’s sparkling wines are filled with racy minerality, fresh floral aromas and crunchy mouth watering fruit. They are the perfect accompaniment to all the salty treats that the region is known for.

They are vibrant, living wines that are filled with an ebullient character reminiscent of the man that makes them.

These joyful, humble wines never stick around, especially the Falistra in no small part to our Italian wine specialist's enthusiastic endorsement. The ultimate food wine for all sorts of simple faire, these are the perfect bottles for the summer table.

Podere il Saliceto Lambrusco di Sorbara Falistra 2020

Made from the delicate Lambrusco di Sorbara which produces a light pink wine as opposed to the richer and darker Lambrusco Salamino. Fresh Fraises Des Bois strawberry and rose petals on the nose with more crunchy forest berry on the palate. Bright acidity with a salty bone dry finish. Perfect for all manner of salty picnic food. This and a bucket of fried chicken couldn't be more perfectly paired. 

Podere il Saliceto Bianco dell'Emilia Pet-Nat Bi Fri 2020

Sauvignon Blanc and Trebbiano are the culprits behind this insanely charming sparkling white. Like the Lambrusco re-fermented in the bottle with a little added must form the original press. A lip smacking bubbly with subtle white peach and tart minerality. There is a bit of sea breeze like saltiness that sneaks up on you and keeps you coming back for more.