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J. Brix is Never Done Exploring

J. Brix is Never Done Exploring

Emily and Jody, the husband and wife team heading up J. Brix, have garnered a reputation for unmatched California natural wine. This is primarily due to their hard work in the vineyard and their minimal intervention stance after harvesting. 

They're on a roll! Vintage after vintage, these are some of our highest in-demand natural wines. From anywhere! Thanks in no small part to their insatiable exploration of winemaking. 

Because Emily and Jody are still exploring and experimenting with all that California has to offer, many different wines are made in very small quantities. In fact, they try to add on at least one new wine each year! 

The wines below are some of their most ambitious to date, a couple hailing from some of California's premier sites yet are somehow ridiculously affordable. The others are from yet to be heralded sites, even one from San Diego County. Made in tiny quantities, from 20-145 cases, each is a wine of exceptional character made lovingly by talented craftfolks that can and should be enjoyed by all. 

Brix Grenache La Libresca Santa Barbara Highland Vineyard 2019
A very transparent shade of rusty red in the glass, this bottling shows how compelling Grenache can be in a lighter style. Aromas of red cherry, salt-and-pepper spice and tanned leather show on the nose. It's clean and savory on the palate, full of dried carnations, hibiscus, white pepper and a touch of dill.

Brix P.M Daylight Pinot Meunier Riverbench Vineyard 2020
Pinot Meunier is rarely bottled as a single variety which we find rather perplexing after tasting this bottle. A close relative of Pinot Noir and the third grape of Champagne, the Towes make a lithe and bright version that is filled with energy.  Deep blue and black fruits combine with an earth-focused backbone. 

Brix Nullius in Verba Amphora Pinot Gris Riverbench Vineyard 2020
This Pinot Gris spends 90 days with its seed and skin in Amphora. Deep and savory there is something deeply satisfying about this wine. Somehow both feral and elegant as well as extremely rare. Only 20 cases for the whole planet.

Brix Island of Souls Skin Contact White Blend San Diego County 2020
A co-fermented 30-day skin-contact blend of Grenache Blanc (45%), Picpoul (45%) and Vermentino (10%) from two San Diego County vineyards; Southern European varieties perfectly suited to SoCal’s coastal climate. Intensely aromatic with texture and layers of lush fruit acidity and spice. The light tannins add depth. A summer sipper with soul.

Brix Electric Mayhem Chenin Blanc Pet-Nat Jurassic Park Vineyard 2020
Jurassic park is the go to spot for exceptional Chenin Blanc from California. The sandy-limestone soils keep the acidity high which is perfect for a bubbly. Tank-fermented, bottle-finished, and disgorged, this is a very refined take on a pet-nat. Downright delicious, bright and just a little salty.