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La Boutanche Gamay by Olivier Minot Classic and crushable from Southern Beaujolais

La Boutanche Gamay by Olivier Minot Classic and crushable from Southern Beaujolais

Over the last ten years, La Boutanche has garnered a well earned reputation for incredibly crushable natural wines at surprisingly affordable prices. La Boutanche is a collaboration between venerable natural wine importer Selection Massale and some of their best winemakers. Famous for brightly colored labels depicting different imbibing humanoid animals, each one distinct to the corresponding winemakers, these humbly priced wines have become sought after for their crowd pleasing powers and natural wine converting abilities.

We love all of the Boutanche but if we had to pick a favorite there is a very good chance that it would be the incredibly fresh Gamay below. We are an unabashedly huge booster of all things Beaujolaise and this bottle has all of the crunchy fruit and lithe texture that made us fall in love with this region in the first place. And like those bottles we drank many, many moons ago this is an incredible value.

Winemaker Olivier Minot is the force behind this cuvée, and is represented on the label by a fun loving porcine figure in a Hawaian shirt. Olivier is the winemaker at Domaine des Charbonnieres in southern Beaujolais and was the inaugural producer for La Boutanche. Along with his wife Corrine they have been helping to bring recognition to the less well known southern end of Beaujolais.

100% organically-grown Gamay from Beaujolais Sud, the grapes are harvested from 90 year old vines, fermented and aged in concrete tanks, and bottled with minimal sulfur. Notes of fresh-picked cherry, raspberry, and candied strawberry, with spicy, woody black tea, tilled soil, and forest floor. Polished yet totally crushable. And yes. It comes in a liter!

This wine over-delivers in every way and is the ultimate party in a bottle to bring to all sorts of late summer gatherings. Fun, juicy and chillable, it’s perfect at pleasing all manner of wine lovers, with enough complexity and depth to accompany savory, hearty

Olivier Minot La Boutanche Gamay 2022 (1L) $27.99
This La Boutanche stands as a true testament to Olivier & Corinne Minot's dedication to showcasing the purest expression of Gamay and their terroir. We would and have paid much more for wines of this quality, so make sure to take advantage of our newsletter price and stock up.


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