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Lapierre Wine Tasting - Today on Instagram LIVE!

Lapierre Wine Tasting - Today on Instagram LIVE!

We are so lucky to be hosting a dear friend and legendary winemaker, Camille Lapierre, on our Instagram today

There's no shortage to the praise we heap onto Lapierre. The name has come up time and time again in our blogs and offers. And for good reason! Camille's father, Marcel Lapierre, was at the forefront of the natural wine movement in Beaujolais. The wines are impeccable and they are a great example of the honest winemaking we love at Flatiron. 

Tune in this afternoon to hear one of our favorite winemakers in the world, Camille, discuss all things natural wine, Beaujolais, legendary winemaking, and what's coming up for Domaine Lapierre! 

The link below will take you right to our Instagram, which will broadcast the tasting LIVE at 11am PT. Hope we can see you there! 

@FlatironWines on Instagram

Don't forget to support this iconic domaine by ordering a few bottles (Cyber Monday continues until midnight tonight!)! 

Marcel Lapierre, Morgon (1.5L) , 2018