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Esther's latest Wine of the Week pick is in and its a favorite!

Esther's latest Wine of the Week pick is in and its a favorite!

The SF Chronicle has a great new wine feature: "Wine of the Week". Every week, Esther Mobley, their wine critic extraordinaire, will feature one wine that you should be drinking now. The November 4th wine of the week was one of our all time favorites, Hirsch's "entry level" Sonoma Coast Pinot, "The Bohan Dillon."

If you know our shop you know we love the Hirsch wines -- and the Hirsch people! David, the Far Sonoma Coast's visionary Pinot Pioneer has been growing beautiful fruit in those cool, cool hills for years. And the family has been bottling their own for years, a wine that has been at the very forefront of the movement towards California wines of terroir transparency.

Jasmine Hirsch has done more than almost anyone to help that movement along. From co-founding the In Pursuit of Balance tastings with Raj Parr, to tirelessly educating the public -- and industry people, like us! -- about California's potential to make nuanced wines that complement food and express micro-terroirs so precisely. Today she has stepped into the lead at the family winery and we were thrilled to see the new vintage of the Bohan Dillon get such a rave as Esther's latest wine pick.

We have good stock right now, but this is obviously one of those wines that won't last forever. So don't wait to buy some bottles -- click below and order today!

"Since the Hirsch vines can produce a fairly tannic Pinot, Jasmine Hirsch says they try to funnel the less-tannic lots of wine into the Bohan-Dillon, to make it “charming and quaffable.That’s an apt description of the 2018 Bohan-Dillon, which recalls raspberry, pine needles and aniseed, and whose bright, expressive fruit flavors are countered with a pleasant bitterness. Yes, it’s quaffable, but it also passes for a pretty serious wine." - Esther Mobley

P.S. For lovers of all things SF Chronicle Wine and Esther Mobley, you won't want to miss our dedicated SF Chronicle + Esther Mobley page where you can learn more about Esther's wine coverage in the Chronicle and links to shop a collection of her recent picks.