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Looking forward to the week ahead in San Francisco- January 6th, 2020

Dear Friends of Flatiron,

Happy New Year! We sincerely wish you all success and happiness in 2020 and thank you all for your valued business. In the face of all that is going on the world, the wine tariffs being the least of all worries, we are still optimistic that this will be a fantastic year for all of us. Join us in toasting this new decade and the new start that it promises.

This Weeks Tastings

Wednesday January 8th
Tasting with Vom Boden Imports from 5 to 7pm- We love portfolios that have a particular regional focus. There are a ton of French and Italian-centered importers, but ones that focus on Germany are exceedingly rare. Vom Boden is the one that fills the void and does it well. Taste some knock out Rieslings (Peter Lauer) and a few other surprises also. 

Thursday January 9th
Tasting with Amy Atwood Selections from 5 to 7pm- Make 2020 a year of Natural wines and get it started with Amy Atwood Selections! We'll be showing wines from J. Brix Wines and Wilde Farm Wines. Both keep it real with little to no intervention, allowing the grapes and land to speak for themselves.

Friday January 10th
Tasting with Phillips Hill Winery from 5 to 7pm- Lovers of Mendocino wines rejoice! Phillips Hill is right up your alley. With great foresight Toby Hill bought a sweet little spot on the Mendocino Ridge back in 1997. With vines planted in 1972 and 1988 on sandstone and gravel loam Toby has some great material to work with, not to mention access to other great vineyards nearby. Stop in and taste the magic!

Featured in our weekly newsletter we're excited to be offering ready to drink 2014 Vieilles Vignes Chablis from Domaine Defaix, a taste of Catalan France with wines fromDomaine Danjou-Banessy, the 2018 Grosses Gewachs releases from Peter Lauer, and fascinating natural wines from Oregonian producer Swick Wines.