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Looking Forward to the Week Ahead in San Francisco- November 18th, 2019

Looking Forward to the Week Ahead in San Francisco- November 18th, 2019

Dear Friends of Flatiron,

We're one week out from Thanksgiving and we've got plenty of goodies for your feast. So drop your giblets and stow the stuffing cause you've got some drinking to do!

This Weeks Tastings

Wednesday 11/20, Meet the Winemaker: Kent Humphrey from Eric Kent Wine Cellars at 5pm: There is no Eric...only Kent. As a modest man, Kent Humphrey decided to swap his middle name "Eric" with his first to come up with the name for his winery. He also didn't think "Humphrey's Pinot" had a nice ring to it. No matter what the name is these wines are delicious. Noninterventionist, but not dogmatic, Kent brings purity to all his wines. Swing by the shop and taste them for yourself.

Thursday 11/21, Meet the Winemaker: Johanna Jensen from Keep Wines at 5pm: Winemakers Johanna Jensen (formerly with Scholium Project and Broc Cellars) and Jack Roberts (Matthiasson Wines Assistant Winemaker) have come together to create wines influenced by the old world with less ripe fruit, minimal manipulation and great ageability. In the vigneron tradition, they do much of the work themselves from vineyard to bottling. If you like the places they've worked for you're going to love the wines they're making under their own label. Grab a few bottles for your Thanksgiving dinner and keep even more for yourself.

Friday 11/22, Meet the Winemaker: Kristie Tacey from Tessier Winery at 5pm: Kristie Tacey, winemaker and founder of Tessier Winery, is a scientist turned winemaker. With a background in microbiology, Kristie is fascinated by the cycle of life; each vintage of Tessier wines captures and reflects one year in the lives of the vineyards she works with. Kristie’s appreciation of French wines — especially those from Burgundy and the Loire and Rhone valleys — has shaped her winemaking choices. Stop in and taste a selection of one of California's most promising breakout winemakers.


Feaured in our weekly newsletter we're excited to be offering the 2018 Cru Beaujolais releases from Julien Sunier, a tasty Pelaverga from Fratelli Alessandria, some tasty domestic Gamay in the form of Edmunds St. John "Bone Jolly", and a salty little Pet-Nat from Italian producer Costadilà.