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FEATURED: Oddero's Glowing '16 Langhe Nebbiolo

FEATURED: Oddero's Glowing '16 Langhe Nebbiolo

Photo Courtesy of figliluigioddero.it. 

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Today's Featured wine: 

Luigi Oddero, Langhe Nebbiolo, 2016 

For lovers of Piedmontese wines, the name Oddero is synonymous with both quality and history. Most would be surprised there is not only one Oddero in the Langhe. Especially because there was precisely only the one until 2006. 

From 2006, when the brothers Luigi and Giacomo Oddero split the estate, until his death in 2010--Luigi set out to build his own label from scratch. Sadly his passing left big shoes to fill in the winery. In 2012 Luigi’s family hired Dante Scaglione, a talented winemaker who had been working for Bruno Giacosa for over two decades. A traditionalist to his core, Dante has had a tremendously positive influence on the wines. And by hiring the talented young winemaker Francesco Versio, who also worked at Giacosa, it seems a future of classically styled wines bearing the name Luigi Oddero is bright indeed.

The winery made the decision, several years ago, to move forward using chemical treatments very sparingly. But, it was finally, under the supervision of Dante and Francesco, that the vineyard became wholly organic. The last vintage for which any chemicals were used was 2014. However, they had rarely sprayed during the preceding few vintages.

What is truly remarkable is that these two skilled winemakers have been able to capture the unique essence that is undeniably Oddero; wines that reveal singular beauty of this corner of Piedmont.

It was all of these factors that drew an importer to the estate--not just any importer, mind you, but Neal Rosenthal. Many associate Rosenthal with top domaines in Burgundy and the Rhone, but in fact he started in Piedmont with the now famous (thanks to Rosenthal) Carema producer Ferrando. Neal and his team are all Nebbiolo fanatics, prizing traditionally made wines that showcase the brilliance and singularity that this grape and its best terroirs in Northern Italy possess. 

Today we are excited to offer you Luigi Oddero’s Langhe Nebbiolo: a perfect introduction to the producer.  

The Langhe is a beauty. It seriously over delivers because the wine is sourced from famous parcels in Barolo. With part of the fruit coming from the lower slopes of the estate’s holding in the Rive cru in La Morra and the other part coming from the bottom part of their parcel of Scarrone in Castiglione Falletto. These sections are largely made up of clay soils which makes the wine a bit more generous and forward then it’s more powerful and age worthy older siblings labeled “Barolo”.  

And this vintage in particular has made this Langhe Nebbiolo a winner. 2016 is a knockout in Piedmont, displaying rounded tannins and a lovely finish that’s enhanced by the alluringly floral nose and accented by wild herbs and juicy strawberries

To put it simply: this wine is nearly Barolo, in quality, if not in name. You’re bound to regret it if you don’t stock up now:

Luigi Oddero, Langhe Nebbiolo, 2016 $25.99


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