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Our Guide to Monforte d'Alba Barolo is here!

Our Guide to Monforte d'Alba Barolo is here!

Monforte shines through its sheer diversity. This village shares its chain of hills with Castiglione, its neighbor to the north. Some of its vineyards (Bussia, in particular) are quite close to the village of Barolo, facing Cannubi just across the narrow valley. 

It does have quite a bit of limestone in its soils, but less than Serralunga, and in general the soil types, altitudes and orientations are as mixed up in Monforte as in any other village

So, while Monforte is often lumped in with Serralunga at the “powerful, structured” end of the spectrum, this is a mistake

Read our full post to find out why! 

The Barolo Breakdown, Part 5: Monforte d'Alba