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Get Your Bottles, Now: The TOP FIVE wine trends of 2020

Get Your Bottles, Now: The TOP FIVE wine trends of 2020

Our post on the top 5 wine trends of 2020 has everything you need to know about these amazing break-out wines. But, here's your chance to buy and stay in the loop on what's coming up!

1. 2019s from Burgundy.  

Rumors have been simmering for a few months now, even with very few people have actually tasted the wines because of travel restrictions during COVID. 

But we now have several reliable reports giving a very firm "Buy" recommendation on 2019 Burgudy – most conspicuously from the Burghound, who suggests that these are the greatest Burgundies since the 2010s, and that “it would be a significant mistake to pass on them.”

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2. “Edgy” Regions: Hungary, Greece, & Sicily.  

At Flatiron we are devoted wine adventurers, always looking for new corners of the wine world to explore and bring to light.  

Hungary, Greece and Sicily, especially have so much to offer that they have moved beyond the status of curiosity and now really belong in the pantheon of great wine regions that deserve a lot of attention. 

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3. Loire Valley Reds & 2019 Sancerre.   

2018s and 2019s are across the board great for red wines (so Saumur, yes, but also Chinon and Bourgeuil where the values are, if anything, even better).  And for white wines we are loving 2019 Sancerres – not just for simple bistro sipping but also,  from the right producers, of course – cellaring!

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Read our guide to the terroir of Sancerre. 


4. Brunello di Montalcino 2016s.  

In 2021, the 2016 Brunello di Montalcino will come. It will be just about the last chance to stock up on this great Italian vintage, and the wines are amazing: Brunello with all its majesty and elegance, and none of the weird international oaky ripe flavors of some past vintages.

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5. West Coast Chardonnays. 

Chardonnay is back, and this time the movement is being led by artisans, no oak-chips added. And it turns out that California – and Oregon – can produce incredibly fine Chardonnay when the grape is treated with seriousness and respect. 

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