Lettie Teague's WSJ On Wine

Lettie Teague is one of America’s great wine writers. And since 2010 she’s had one of America’s great wine columns in the Wall Street Journal. She writes about a broad swath of the wine world, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that her interests often overlap with ours.

Customers come in, call and email looking for the wines she’s discussed every time the Journal publishes a new piece. Sometimes we’ve emailed and sometimes we’ve blogged about her column and the wines we carry. But we realized that with this degree of steady interest we ought to make it easy for people to find the wines she’s talking about.

So we’ve created this collection where you can find all the wines we have in stock at our San Francisco shop that have been mentioned in her column.

Interested in learning more about Lettie? Her Wall Street Journal column On Wine? Check out our dedicated On Wine with Lettie Teague page for more.