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Our Guide to Barolo is Finally Here!

Our Guide to Barolo is Finally Here!

As the years tick by, we've watched as Barolo has gotten more and more popular. No longer is it just a geeky alternative--it is a fine wine! A staple at big bottle parties! And, we think it's time to treat it a bit more like Burgundy. 

What exactly does that entail? 

Of course, we don't mean you should toss out all the Gevrey you've been collecting! We just mean that it is about time Barolo is looked at village by village, like Burgundy. In the guide that follows, we lay out all the villages of Barolo (as well as an introduction to the region and soon we will have a Buying Guide) and highlight all the things that make each village special. 

Read our Guide to Barolo.

Don't just read about it, though! Experience it yourself!

You can shop the various wines of Barolo below: